Beauty store Nutridome has launched a mobile app.

Nutridome cosmetics store launches mobile app

Ordering cosmetics on your smartphone from the popular online store Nutridome is now even easier and more convenient. It’s all thanks to a new mobile application that the brand launched with its customers in mind.

More and more often we buy on mobile

According to research, every fifth article purchased online is purchased via mobile devices. These are most often products from the following categories: fashion, electronics, home furnishings and beauty. It’s not surprising – we almost always have a smartphone at hand, so we can do shopping regardless of the place and time, even in public transport or in a doctor’s waiting room. Unfortunately, not all stores have websites adapted to mobile devices, which makes using them sometimes cumbersome. However, the buying experience is improved by mobile apps. From now on, customers can also use a special application Nutridome store.

About the new Nutridome app

Nutridome app for smartphones is of course free and available on both Google Play and App Store. You can also download it by clicking on the appropriate link in the footer of the nutridome website.en. Visually the app is very clear and intuitive to use. Moreover, it abounds with many conveniences.

– When designing the program, we thought about getting even closer to our customer, helping them save time and money. You are informed about promotions and bargain offers by notifications that can be turned on during installation. This way you will not miss anything. But we are still improving the application, adding new features and doing our best to make the time spent in Nutridome not only fruitful, but also enjoyable – says Paulina Makowiecka, Head of Marketing at Nutridome.

The app works extremely smoothly, offering a new quality of mobile shopping. You will find there the full offer of Nutridome store with detailed information about available products, photos, videos, user reviews and option to ask questions. It’s not just the browsing that is convenient, but also the ordering process. It is worth noting that to make a purchase, you do not need to create an account at all, and you can choose from different payment methods.

What the Nutridome store offers?

Nutridome is a beauty store whose philosophy is based on respect and love for your body and its harmony with your spirit. The range includes answers for every skin and hair type, natural and vegan formulas as well as those considered cruelty free. The Nutridome store and app also features products that have been recognised in the Love Cosmetics Awards, Excellence of the Year, Elle Poland Beauty Awards, Glammies and Best for Beauty competitions. The articles are grouped in several categories, allowing you to take comprehensive care of yourself and the whole family, taking into account the different care needs. The offer is completed by cosmetic novelties, as well as sets, which can be used as inspiration for birthday or Christmas gift. On the other hand, numerous cosmetics promotions allows you to save on purchases.

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