Automatic text messages to customers – is it hard to set them up

Automatic text messages to customers – are they hard to set up?

Bulk SMS sending to customers, which you can learn more about at, is not a new solution. Many companies have been utilizing it for years, while others are only now starting to take interest in it.

Some companies, especially small or start-ups, may have associated automatic sending of notifications and reminders mainly with big companies and fear that for them it is too expensive and complicated solution. But is it really so?? How to set up automatic text messages to customers and whether it is really difficult?

Implementing modern communication is easier than ever

Decades ago, when SMS technology was still a novelty, let alone the Internet or automation tools, setting up a mass SMS mailing could actually be reserved for the largest and most modern companies. It is now easier than ever to implement this method of communication.

Creating and scheduling a message is possible using an interactive SMS platform and a special editor. There is also nothing stopping you from integrating the SMS platform with an automation tool – you don’t need to program anything, just generate an API key. After such an integration, it will be even easier to set up the sending so that it takes place every time certain conditions are met.

For example, it takes very little time to create a rule that will send a reminder SMS message 24 hours before a meeting is scheduled to start. This is just one of dozens or even hundreds of possible configurations. Increasingly, for example, companies are automating the sending of shipping notifications, not to mention sending information about special offers and promotions.

Given the relatively low fees for each message, in practice, all this means that nowadays automated bulk SMS to customers is a solution available to virtually every business. Including for entrepreneurs who are just taking their first steps in business, but they care about building a professional image from the beginning.

Mass SMS not only for companies

The mass sending SMS is used by many companies from different industries, ranging from online stores, through medical clinics, to hotels. It is worth noting, however, that this is also a valuable tool for local government organizations (municipalities, counties) or schools.

These types of organizations also in many cases need to quickly and efficiently notify a large group of people (parents, locals) about some events or actions that need to be taken.

Text messaging is a much more reliable, faster and cheaper method of communication than sending physical letters, especially when time is of the essence. So it’s worth moving forward and testing these types of solutions. Especially considering the fact that you don’t need a special IT department to automate SMS sending – practically everyone should be able to do it.

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