Where to download and what the Jasmine application is for.

Where to download and what to use the Jasmine app for

During the First Congress of the Poland 2050 Movement, apart from the loud theses and statements of Szymon Holownia, we were introduced to an exceptional member of the team. It turned out to be Jasmine, the first social-political app in Poland.

On Saturday, the fourth of September this year. During the First Congress of the party Poland 2050 everybody was waiting for a mysterious guest. An interesting fact is that it was not about a person, but about his product. The main guest of the conference was the application – Our guest speaker will make your voice count – convinced members of Poland 2050 Holownia – the first political friend, the first political app in Poland that will allow you to influence major decisions and keep you informed about political events in your area – said, introducing Jasmina.

Today there is an application for everything. An app for the weather, an app for bad weather, an app for the cinema, for the theater, an app for checking children’s grades at school […] And today we’re giving you an app for making politics – quips Michał Gramatyka, MP for the movement.

Jasmine is the first socio-political app in Poland. Gives everyone an opportunity to have their say on the most important issues for the future of Poland – regularly, not just once every 4 years. will allow you to co-decide on key issues for the country. The first voting is already underway 🙂

— Jasmine (@Jasmina_2050) September 4, 2021

Test for Jasmine

According to the site tvn24.en The first test for the new application was to be a vote of the members of the association Poland 2050. It lasted until Sunday at 18. Szymon Holownia, assured that the members of the association received to their mailboxes links to vote. The vote concerned the issue of trade on Sunday and thanks to the application they will decide on the liberalization or tightening of the provision, at least in the declarative layer – What the members decide will be part of the official program of Poland 2050 – announced the leader of the grouping.

Jasmine is the benchmark of modern politics?

As we can read on Jasmine’s official Twitter profile, it is:

“Poland’s first socio-political application. Gives everyone the opportunity to express their opinion on the most important issues for the future of Poland – regularly, not just once every 4 years. It will allow to co-decide about key issues for the country. The first voting is already underway :)”

Jasmine is the first socio-political application in Poland. Gives everyone the opportunity to speak out on the most important issues for the future of Poland – regularly, not just once every 4 years. It will allow to co-decide on key issues for the country. The first vote is already underway 🙂

— Jasmine (@Jasmina_2050) September 4, 2021

dobreprogramy portal.pl informs that Jasmine will include not only descriptions of individual members of Poland 2050, but also: their tweets, links to publications and a calendar with upcoming political events.

TVN24.pl still informs about the possibility of checking the political program of the party Poland 2050, on the occasion of which Szymon Holownia assured that it will depend on the users how it will be presented – with the help of thick documents or passwords referring to the discussion of the issue.

The application has to be secure and follow RODO procedures. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play store or from the AppStore.

Jasmine a conference application?

On Niebezpiecznik’s fanpage we could read an interesting post about Szymon Holownia’s new application

Jasmine, Szymon Holownia’s political app, is simply a branded Polish “Meeting Application”. References can be seen in many places. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s even a sizable savings, so 👏 for a common sense approach… – we read on Niebezpiecznik’s facebook page. To clarify, Meeting Application is a platform that facilitates communication with event participants, which allows you to easily build your own conference applications by selecting the appropriate components.

but it looks like the project violates the Apache license (because there are traces of Jitsi Meet code in the application). You can’t see that the application offers the possibility of video chats, so this piece of code is probably a “waste” from the basic application on which Jasmine is based. But still, the waste licensed (or as some say, „infected” with a license) Apache, so the license requirements would have to be met. Here I think the developers of the underlying app were at fault, but the case shows that the topic of software licensing is „difficult”. Fortunately, this omission is easy to fix, so probably it will be fixed soon. – write the dangerous administrators.

Under the said post, but also on Twitter, you can read comments both mocking and supporting the party and their application, but the most eye-catching will be the one pinned by the administrators. This is a screenshot of correspondence between Jasmine developers and Niebezpienik.

The developer of Jasmine wrote back to our questions dot. license violations.

Improved and compliant with lic requirements. Apache app is already on its way to the store.

Quick and exemplary reaction. Applause!

(and political trolls who didn’t even understand what the breach is about will probably get a kick out of it now, hehe) pic.twitter.com/YYmAJfTycg

— Niebezpiecznik (@niebezpiecznik) September 5, 2021

The developers concede the point to the portal, reporting that they have corrected their mistakes, which was a very smart move. After all, good publicity does not tolerate lies or sweeping dust under the carpet, and this one can be useful for politicians!

Houst… Jasmine, we have a problem!

The problem with the Apache license is not the only nut put before the new creation of Poland 2050. The app has received terrible ratings from users, which does not bode well for its future. In the Google Play application store it collected a total of 774 votes worth 2.1 stars. Among the comments, apart from a few positive ones, you will mainly find entries like this:

  • “This has surpassed even my imagination. Wow. I have dealt with something like this only once – when I represented Poland at the II European Education Summit in Brussels, we were allowed to install a similar application. But this was strictly an event app, so it represented some percentage of Jasmine’s scope…” – wrote one of the users.
  • “Hello unfortunately does not work on samsung s20fe shows start screen and immediately crashes I’m waiting for fixes because I’m very curious about this application.” – describes the second.

A little better, or at least in theory, Jasmine looks on the App Store, where it has so far garnered 66 reviews, which translated into a score of 4 stars. What is puzzling, however, is the small number of comments, of which only one out of the remaining eight is positive, and it reads as follows: Jasmine oooooooooooooo”.

Other statements were not so enthusiastic:

  • “XD event app used as a voting platformit looks simply wrong, made on some template for an event app, where „Jasmine” is an event. Looking at how lazily this app is made, I have doubts about the voting results and the possibility of manipulating the results. Surveys on the Internet have never ended well and the lack of any protection against trolling does not bode well, lest it soon turn out that some group of people from the pit will cause that P2050 will become an extreme right-wing party – just for fun.”
  • “Regulations” § 1. In case of breach by the Licensee of the obligations arising from Art. 1 § 10 i art. 4 § 1 and § 3, art. 5 § 2 and 3 of OWL the Licensee is obliged to pay the Licensor a contractual penalty in the amount of 2000 EURO according to the average exchange rate in the table of exchange rates of the National Bank of Poland (NBP) from the day of the request to pay the contractual penalty to the Licensor.” What it is?”

Although the very presentation of Jasmine in the media played into the good tones, in the final analysis so far it is more the appearance of modernity and innovative approach than the actual state. It doesn’t matter if it’s the world of politics or virtual dating, what’s important are the impressions of the users of these apps. As you might think, unfortunately they do not portend well, but who among us has not had a rough start at work? Time will verify.

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