European Cyber Security Month – an overview of initiatives aimed at adults.

European Cyber Security Month – an overview of initiatives aimed at adults

Recently we made a short summary of educational initiatives, that is, those aimed at a younger audience and people associated with their education. In this article we will cite some interesting initiatives from the other side of the coin. Apart from educational initiatives, there are also those for adults, i.e., in a form which is closer to industry training events or mini-lectures.

„Passus Security Day – Attacks on Active Directory vs. defense opportunities available” – webinar, 27.10.2021

Active Directory is one of the top targets for hackers infiltrating organizations, according to the organizers of this webinar. It gives them great opportunities to move around the infrastructure under attack. The event is to cover issues related to attacks on AD, their detection and prevention. The most interesting information is the fact that it is supposed to be learning by living example. Passus SA wants to conduct a real-time attack on AD covering all phases of the “kill chain” model used by hackers. The aim of this webinar is to show how to detect and reduce the risk of attacks, as well as how to counteract them when they are detected. The event is aimed at representatives of medium-sized and large organizations: directors and managers of IT. IT, cybersecurity staff and auditors. It is estimated that up to 150 participants will attend the event, and you can find the link to the event here.

The basics of cyber security in a company, webinar, 21.10.2021

Free webinar on cyber security in your company. The meeting with experts from Andersen in Poland took place on 21st October 2021. at. 10.00 in online format.

Experts were Kamil Kozioł and Paweł Grzembka. Both men are specialists in. cyber security, data protection, legal and systems management security and audit. The agenda of the event was to raise awareness about the existence of threats and the need for cyber security, whether it is possible to avoid cyber threats, how to protect a company from an attack and what to do at the time of such an act. Online personal security was also a topic.

Accenture „Not just pen-testing… Or career paths in Cybersecurity” – seminar, 13.10.2021

Join eight #Accenture cyber security experts, explore the world of digital threats and market and professional opportunities. Take part in „Not just pen-testing… or career paths in Cybersecurity„. – we read on the event subpage.

The webinar was to explain the specifics of working in cyber security. It also attempted to describe the skills and steps required to begin a career in this sector. Accenture decided to present the methods of conducting the professional path and how to develop skills. In addition, it was explained to the guests in which Security domains Accenture specialists work and how insatiable this market is. The online event was aimed at alumni, with about 100 college students in attendance.

Sprint S.A. „Penetration testing – protection against cyber attack” – webinar, 6.10.2021

Sprint S.A. held a free webinar for IT executives and Security departments on the sixth day of October. The symposium included a demonstration of the department’s capabilities using a live example of an organizer. The webinar covered the issue of conducting penetration tests. Why testing is so important and how often you should do it.What are the most common vulnerabilities in web applications and websites and what are the hacking methods in practice. Event will ultimately educate on how to secure your network and infrastructure to avoid these types of incidents in the future.

Advanced Threat Summit 2021, conference, 22-24.11.2021

BACK TO THE BASICS or time to change your cyber strategy – is the theme of Advanced Threat Summit 2021 – one of the most important and interesting conferences for cybersecurity managers. This year’s edition will take place over two days from 22 November. The event will have a hybrid form: online, and for those interested also on-site – directly in the conference room of the Warsaw Marriott Hotel and at the evening meeting. The conference is aimed at professionals who are responsible for the digital and information security of their organizations.

AT Summit is the best place to exchange experiences and good practices in the area of cybersecurity strategy planning!

The organizer is ISSA Poland and Evention, and the estimated number of recipients of the event is up to 500 participants.

„Cyber Security Course”, Oracle University, 1.10. -31.12.2021

The training of this course is free of charge and will be crowned with an international certificate. Oracle University has prepared a special free training in the form of 5 short courses on the occasion of cyber security month. The package is available on the website listed without territorial restrictions until the end of December this year. This is a great opportunity to take the first step in understanding Cyber Security for public cloud solutions. Worth learning!

Expert Debate “First Aid in Case of a Cyber Attack”, 20.10.2021

The debate was conducted by representatives of the Polish National Police from the Cybercrime Fighting Bureau, CSIRT of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and CERT Polska team. The moderator of the meeting was Zuzanna Polak, an expert from NASK. The discussion included tips on what to do if you become a victim of cyber fraud, how to avoid it and what is the scale of various online threats.

The meeting was organized by the Cyber Security Awareness Building Team at NASK for all adult Internet users. The target audience for the event was up to 200 Internet users.

Final of the “Cyber Fortress” League (simulation game) of the Safe Cyberspace Foundation

“Cyber Fortress” is, in the words of its organizer – FBC – a simulation game based on building a security system for the ICT environment and responding to incidents related to the violation of this environment. It is based on specially prepared cards, symbolizing security measures from the organizational, process and technical areas.
The aim of the game is to create the most resilient security systems in the organization (prevention phase) and through appropriate actions to best defend it during an attack (phase of response to randomized incidents).

The audience was cybersecurity and computing executives. “Cyber Fortress” guarantees engagement of team members, sharing of their knowledge and experience, brainstorming and great fun.

„CyberEducation” at the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency

All-October online event, in which up to 1800 employees of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency are estimated to participate.

CyberEducation as indicated is an internal program of weekly workshops. These in addition to a good dose of knowledge offer the opportunity to meet cyber security experts and ask them tough questions. A newsletter, poster campaign, and a profiled bookmark with cyber hygiene best practices were created for the event, as well as promotion of the campaign on PFA’s social media profiles. Finally, inter-company recommendations for mandatory cyber hygiene for employees are to be organized.

More initiatives can be found on this page. Some interesting suggestions still to come, but quite a few have already passed, irretrievably. Fortunately, European Cyber Security Month is an annual event, so anyone who couldn’t attend will definitely make it next year!

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