People and businesses during a pandemic – marketing through the eyes of Havas Gen 2020.

People and companies during a pandemic – marketing through the eyes of Havas Gen 2020

Almost two years have passed since our life turned upside down. We have gone through many phases and changes as a society while not much has changed outside the window. How should brands behave in this situation? – a report created by analysts from Havas answers this question.

The Havas Gen 2020 document was created based on semiotic research, i.e. using the research value of semantics. Semantics is the study of the meaning of contexts and their interpretation for the overall perception. – What we have in our minds before is the contribution of experience, mainly cultural” – say the researchers in the introduction, while justifying the scientific method they undertook. As many as 950 texts were analysed between March 2020 and April 2021. Through text analysis, a conclusion is drawn about humans, their evolution and what brands can take from this for themselves.

Man in the middle of a pandemic

Following the formulation used by marketingpostcard.en pandemic is recognized by many as a quasi medicine for mankind. It forces them to slow down and take a more critical look at the things happening not only in private but also in society in general. Sars COV-2 has thus become a cause for greater empathy, increased interest in spiritual and professional development, but also increased the negative mood among the participants of the lockdown, which had to find an outlet in reevaluation of important issues or plunge into depression. Since the beginning of the epidemiological emergency, researchers have drawn from the cultural texts analyzed 3 main stages of the human view of current events. First we had to deal with the falling man, then with suspended, which in its final phase has even started to dance.

Man falling

The period in which we deal with the falling man is a time when people reject the cult of individualism. They are aware of how helpless they are in the face of nature and its whims. They begin to pay attention to their relationships with loved ones. Some fallers adopt a rebellious attitude, believing that what is lost can be regained. Others looked to the future with fear, and still others were consumed by the immensity of conspiracy theories, which as one explanation helped them to survive in such unusual conditions.

Suspended Man

The characteristics of the suspended man are encountered when he realizes that he is not dealing with a one-season phenomenon, but with a whole long-term perspective. He is tired of the constant isolation and news that is not very positive but often false. Neuroticism slowly creeps in, fear of interacting with people along with feelings of loneliness and narcissism. Man is faced with redefining himself along with building a new value and cultural identity. In the report we have shown The card hermit, The Tarot card, which means withdrawal, celebration of solitude and redefining one’s life.

The dancing man

Last and ongoing now is the stage of the dancing people. Dance is a symbolic reflection of life and approach to it. Reporters claim that a gene has been created in minds responsible for surviving the pandemic and the reality that will follow. Man sheds his previous expectations, realizing the fragility of the world around him. He is more intuitive and sensitive to his needs, the needs of others, but also the needs of the planet. – Saves nature’s resources because they realize they are part of it – explains MaƂgorzata Guryn, client service director, Havas Warsaw.

Brands in the midst of a pandemic

Researchers say brands have two choices – stay the same or adapt to new perceptions of people. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that people’s perceptual optics have changed significantly, so brands that do not change will deepen feelings of depression, dissatisfaction, and the pursuit of non-existent ideals. As consumers gain new awareness, they may feel deliberately lied to and taken advantage of by companies, eventually turning away from a strategy that does not suit them.

The discourse of change is the key to success

A tactic that does not implement new human knowledge is called holding tactics. It is an approach that condemns the brand to a slow and inevitable process of falling into disfavor with its customers. A very different vision is presented by the second approach, called straightforward making more real. Realization strategy is meant to make its audience feel a sense of community with a brand that communicates truth, honesty, honest relations and care for the wronged.

To combat populism, narcissism, and a faithless sense of control amidst self-imposed ideals, brands need to revamp their approach.It is important to remember that the brand image is a continuous thing, and all its elements are closely correlated with each other. It is therefore necessary to find a key of references to the new reality, which will sustain the spirit of today’s societies.

To do this, it is necessary to get rid of the clashes between the messages sent by the brand in the past. Experts give the example of a fashion brand that, instead of encouraging investment in individualism, might focus on relationships and building them.

Although we are aware that we are currently dancing, there is nothing certain about such an approach, which is also alluded to by the researchers, who ask the question: Or maybe people will just go back to the old ways?

The truth is that we can’t be sure of anything, and many of us would love to return to the familiar ruts of fate. However, the train has left and what fate will bring us we will see soon. Although the times are quite interesting in their uninterestingness, so more and more individuals see in them new opportunities and possibilities, while looking more and more carefully at their surroundings, including the brands and products they offer, as can be seen throughout the increasing number of reports we have also discussed for you.

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