Without third-party liability you can not fly, the new rules on aviation safety. drones.

Without third-party liability insurance you won’t fly – new regulations ws. drones

Drones up to 20 kg are to be subject to compulsory insurance – the Ministry of Infrastructure is currently working on these regulations. Lack of OC will be punished with a fine up to 2 thousand. golden. The changes are set to go into effect as early as January 2021 and ensure that the new European Union regulations apply.

The regulations apply to drones between 0.25 kg and 20 kg. The owner will have to take out compulsory insurance against damage during flights. The minimum sum assured will be about 17 thousand. PLN 2 thousand. No third party liability insurance will be fined up to 2 thousand zlotys.

After the changes, people over the age of 14 could apply for a drone licence. So far, the age limit is 16 years. Pilot’s license of unmanned aircraft will be obtainable, as it was the case so far, after training and taking an online test at the Civil Aviation Authority.

The project also provides for the introduction of classification of flights for which drones are used. These will be categories based on the degree of risk.: “open”, “specific” and “certified”.

The content of the amendment to the Act on Aviation Law is at the stage of the opinions.

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