Twelve marketing apostles – Social Media Marketing Trends 2022 Report.

Twelve marketing apostles – Social Media Marketing Trends 2022 report

Finnish Social Media Agency Kurio has not been passive in the face of trends announced by its colleagues. It has prepared a report compiling its own predictions. Most of them overlap with the rest already put out, but the researchers also conclude some other interesting aspects.

Marketing and its development this year, according to Kurio agency, will follow 12 trends, which can be divided into four categories:

  • Trends for social media
  • Trends for influencers
  • Trends boiling under the lid
  • Health trends

Although this division can be described as a bit artificial, because all of them create a multi-threaded story of reality growing before our eyes, interweaving each other.

Three social media trends

First, TikTok. The popularity of this social network has grown at such an alarming rate that it would be irrational not to take advantage of its reach. What’s more, the influence of this medium on the audience is enormous, instilling in them new trends of behavior, dances or forcing them to scroll through the videos involuntarily for even several hours a day. The advertising possibilities of TikTok are obvious to develop, and brands are starting to think about it more and more seriously.

Second, communities and a return to their appreciation. This trend stems from continued isolation and lack of human contact, as well as an oversaturation of worthless advertising content that decries current brand positions. Companies will have to learn the social mode. Brands, in order to survive, will have to trust in inclusivity and re-learn tactics like in the early days of social. They will be obliged to show their better and more human side in order to deserve their place in the community.

Third, extensions to reality in the form of metaverse, AR,

VR and NFT will play an increasingly important role in the marketer community, which means that in order not to fall off the radar, you’ll need to become familiar with these technologies, and maybe even friends.

Influencer marketing in 2022

When it comes to the world of Influencers, we are starting to see that Influencers are starting to become bigger than the brands themselves. Not only are there more and more authors creating content on more and more niche topics, but some of them with their personal brand are starting to outshine the well-known market experts. This is a worrying situation for companies that will have to work more closely with influencers, recruiting them and putting them on a pedestal. On the Polish market we can also see such a correlation, which causes brands to promote themselves through selected creators. McDonald’s has released a set by rapper Mata, for example, and Karol GÄ…zwa has become the face of Blow Burgers, which he doesn’t own in any way, but is merely lending his image.

Influencer marketing in 2022 includes: 1) the rise of creators 2) the increasing niche nature of content that allows for segmentation of message audiences and 3) the strengthening of relationships between brands and influencers and collaboration between them.

Under the lid bubbling from the pressure

Three more trends are trying to break out of the marketing cauldron covered by the digital lid. All indications are that the pressure will eventually be great enough that its force will displace this lid, allowing them to escape like steam – in all their glory. Forgotten by marketers, the baby boomer generation is coming back into favor after years of an unnoticed existence on the internet. Marketers have noticed how the pandemic has mobilized older generations to participate in society in the form of social media, and their shopping opportunities can supplement companies’ marketing budgets. Kurio mentions that short videos in vertical position will be on top. This observation is empirically easy to verify, as indicated by the efforts of social media giants to highlight this kind of content and promote creators who are active in this aspect. The last trend will be the recruitment of influencers through brands into their internal structures, on the basis of internal ambassadors. This reasoning will allow brands to have some control over both the actions of the creator and influence their image.

Health marketing is growing in strength

Report indicates that communities are not interested in serious content or challenging debates and discussions. This is especially surprising in the era of the pandemic, which requires a serious approach to the discourse of society and attention to detail, especially related to health and relationships. One can see fatigue and frustration as a factor in the choice of entertainment and light content. The result of this approach is a trend called “edutainment”, or in Polish it would sound like something like edurosavings or pleasant education. This trend is harnessing the power and reach of social media and communities using entertainment and fun to educate the public in a simple and fun way. This activity can also be used to serve professionals, which can also be evaluated in the same circle for the broader community. Doctors giving advice on WhatsApp or patients sharing their experiences on closed groups is slowly becoming standard.

Kurio also talks about the need for a communication strategy to combat misinformation and conspiracy theories about health risks, as fake news propaganda poses a real threat to the lives of individuals. Pharma companies will therefore try to go down to social media to start a debate with conspiracy theorists. Operating on these channels and demonstrating your credibility through well-crafted, polished and interesting communications can be key to gaining credibility with the public. The rise of learning in social media is therefore singled out as another trend, but it also means for learning to adapt to the rules of social. More fact-based information, while maintaining a balance with engaging threads that will appeal to the target audience.

As the last distinction of this year’s predictions we can distinguish the direct participation of influencers in the promotion of particular medical attitudes, pharmaceutical drugs or ways of behavior and reactions in the face of medical news from the world, which has been successfully used for some time now. – It will also be important to identify and support patient advocacy groups that are active on social media platforms – said Christopher Dimmock, vice president of. integrated strategy, Abelson Taylor

So, as we can see, marketing is moving towards social media, and these will actually become even more important. The ever-growing hype around blockchain, NFT and cryptocurrencies is certainly not insignificant in the context of the ever-louder metaverse cry.

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