Trends in marketing through the eyes of social media agencies.

Trends in marketing in the eyes of social media agencies

Is it always worth following the latest trends on social media channels? Which creations of well-known companies turned out to be a failure, and which ones made customers even more willing to identify with a given brand? Get to know the opinion of a social media agency team and use their knowledge to build lasting relationships with your audience, while increasing the sales of your products or services.

What are marketing trends??

Trends are present in every industry and area of life. It is thanks to them that a new point with healthy burgers is being built on your housing estate, booksellers record an increase in sales of books on astrology, and in fashion designers’ collections the 80s lead the way. i 90. In e-commerce, on the other hand, marketers together with social media agencies focus on the greatest possible personalization of the offer, presence on young, dynamically developing social channels (such as TikTok) or create socially engaged campaigns.

Trends in marketing can therefore be called a range of activities that correspond to the current needs and tastes of the audience. It is also communication that relates to current events and issues, in line with collective experiences. Specialists a social media advertising agency Frank&Greg indicates that we can expect to see continued growth in video spend in the near future:

Brands increasingly recognize the sales potential of TikTok and are outdoing themselves in creating new trends or challenges. Short and dynamic videos may prove key for brands trying to reach younger generations. Why? Millenials or Gen Z expect authenticity, creativity and an out-of-the-box approach – when deciding to buy a given brand they are guided by values and ideas that are in line with their beliefs. How to reach them? First of all, you have to let them speak and speak their language.

Frank agency&Greg also points out the paramount role of authenticity in the brand message, and draws attention to the growing role of Instagram rolls in promotional activities:

These short audiovisual contents increase the reach and allow you to reach a really wide audience. Their appearance and subject matter should naturally fulfil the goals and communication strategy of the brand. Reels are a way to present your product in an interesting way or show your company from the lifestyle side. When creating this type of material, remember With appropriately dynamic picture and sound editing.

Real time marketing in the light of current trends

Real Time Marketing is a set of real-time marketing activities that are based on current events. They constitute a space in which both the sense to act is crucial ad hoc, as well as a well-planned calendar of posts. It is worth remembering to implement communication referring to high-profile, cyclical events, e.g. The look and subject matter should naturally follow the objectives and communication strategy of the brand, such as the Academy Awards, soccer championship finals or a calendar of unusual holidays.

One of the masters of social media trends is Ikea. Swedish brand profiles often touch upon current topics and at the same time do not change their communication methods. They have always been great with language, their content is full of word games, which makes it cleverly refer to current events. Sometimes it can feel like Ikea is the one dictating trends to others.

The team of the Wrocław-based social media advertising agency also stresses that when running Facebook or Instagram, the risk of image blunders, caused by a not fully thought-out creation or by dividing from the truth in the relationship with the consumer, should also be taken into account.

The famous “Veclaim” label scandal is long remembered by everyone. The image crisis affected not only the brand, but also its founder, who even disappeared from social media for a while. Consumers and observers reacted violently, demanding explanations and apologies, and all hell broke loose in the comments. What’s the moral of this? Honesty is key in the brand-consumer relationship. One must not misrepresent reality, and when making a mistake, one must admit it.

The example of DH Vitkac profile is worth mentioning here. On their Instagram there was a reel presenting fashion trends – unfortunately, in the current geopolitical situation, it turned out to be negatively relevant. It fit into the post-Soviet aesthetic, had raw imagery, dynamic editing and disturbing music. The spot was certainly shot some time ago, but now it has taken on a whole new meaning. Observers quickly expressed their disapproval and the roll disappeared from the profile. Before something appears on our company’s channel, it’s worth taking a moment to put ourselves in the shoes of the viewer and make sure that our publication is fair to them.

Citing an image crisis DH Vitkac, It is worth referring to the fierce discussion triggered by a post by a well-known stylist, by Karolina Domaradzka. Many internet users have expressed the opinion that fashionable clothing is not among the highest priority needs of women leaving the war hell. Katarzyna Bosak, CEO of Frank agency&Greg, however, draws attention to the second bottom of the statement:

The story posted by Karolina Domaradzka should be placed in a broader context. Although the things mentioned in the entry are not necessary at the border itself, Ukrainian women fleeing the war will soon start going to the first job interviews, they will also try to return to the pre-war life as much as possible. There are clear analogies to the situation of Polish women during World War II, when wartime fashion was one of the ways out of the grim reality.

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