The market for online stores is already 250,000 companies.

The market for online stores is already 250 thousand companies

Over the past five years, 178,000. companies have added an industry code to their main activity, according to an analysis by the National Court Register. As many as 70 percent. of this number falls on the year 2021. Companies, which from the beginning of the sale via the Internet had registered as their main activity, is now 52.6 thousand., However, more than half of them are in poor or bad financial condition.

There are currently ok. 250 thousand. companies selling on the Internet, according to a mid-March analysis by global business intelligence firm Dun & Bradstreet. From this number 52.6 thousand. companies are registered in the National Court Register as online stores from the beginning, and the remainder are companies that over time have expanded their core business to include the online channel and have added a PKD code for online sales. Over the past five years, since 2017., a total of 178 thousand have done so. companies, of which nearly 120,000., That is 67% of., only in 2021. Tby 70 percent. more than a year earlier. This trend corresponds to consumer behavior – in the last two years, almost half of online consumers have started to buy online more often or even much more often, according to report Advox Studio, a software house headquartered in Poznan and with branches in Europe, which has completed over 200 e-commerce projects.

Thanks to the new data analysis for 2021 we saw for the first time how big the eCommerce market in Poland really is. After adding up the companies operating completely online, hybrid and in the process of transformation to online, it turned out to be 5 times bigger than previously assumed – it consists of as many as 250 thousand.entities. Such numbers should not surprise anyone – pandemic showed that in eCommerce lies a huge potential, and companies aware of the market situation will win from the start with those who are dragging their feet in the digital transformation. What is more, the analyses of consumer behaviour show that year by year an increasing percentage of Poles make purchases online. This is not surprising, taking into account the fact that there are more and more millenials on the market who have had contact with the Internet since childhood. Therefore, we can expect that the percentage of companies operating online (fully or hybrid) will only increase – summarizes Rafał Gadomski, CEO Advox Studio.

Number of Polish stores with online sales as the main PAC in 2022. may exceed 55 thousand.

Since the beginning of 2022, the number of stores, registered in the National Court Register, whose main PKD is selling online, has increased by more than 250 – entrepreneurs registered more than 1930 new businesses, but at the same time more than 1670 were deleted. According to predictions of experts from Dun & Bradstreet their number on the Polish market this year may exceed 55 thousand. However, an analysis of their online stores’ financial situation shows that condition of only 7 percent. of these can be described as strong, and 37.5 percent. as a good. Nearly 33 percent are in a weak financial position. of online stores, and as many as 23 percent in a bad situation. – so almost ¼.

8 in 10 consumers see problems in the operation of online stores

The last two years in the eCommerce industry have brought many dynamic changes associated with the growth of the market, and not every entrepreneur is able to keep up with them and adapt to the constantly emerging new trends – says Rafał Gadomski, CEO Advox StudioAmong the most important at the moment are quick commerce, shopping with a guarantee of same-day delivery, sometimes even within several minutes, live commerce, i.e. live sales, or dropshipping, i.e. shipping directly from the supplier. Still marketplaces are growing in popularity, sales platforms such as Allegro or Zalando, which are very convenient for consumers and their presence there may be profitable for the sellers. In addition, already 55% of. consumers pay attention to company activities related to ecology and corporate responsibility, according to the Chamber of Electronic Commerce.

As much as 8 out of 10 people who shop online see problems with online stores and are not satisfied with their purchases*. According to report Advox Studio, especially important is the security of payments via the Internet 91% of online shoppers pay attention to this aspect. of online shoppers. For more than half of us, the key to choosing a particular store are the opinions that can be found about it on the web. Nearly half of online consumers learn about e-shops’ offers from ads in social media, and for over 70 percent of. Offers tailored to their interests and needs are an incentive to make a purchase decision.

Data quoted in the text comes from the study Dun & Bradstreet survey conducted in mid-March 2022. Data from the National Court Register were analyzed. In the case of commercial companies, the financial position of the company was assessed on the basis of the balance sheet and income statements, while in the case of entities that do not keep full accounts, which is quite common among retailers, it was based on the company’s income, expenses and financial result. The main factors influencing the assessment are liquidity ratio, debt ratio, profitability, financial capacity, level of registered overdue payments and registered bankruptcy or reorganization proceedings, declaration of bankruptcy, commencement of liquidation process and negative press.

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