Televio’s web TV viewing profiles – a Netflix-like implementation.

Televio web TV viewing profiles – a Netflix-like implementation

With whom you share the Televio service? With mom, with dad or with your girlfriend or boyfriend? You don’t want to see what other family members are watching, or maybe you want to watch your favorite series in secret? Set up separate profiles for all your household members on your account right now! Add your favorite channels, set your original avatar icon and enjoy privacy!

Each of us is different and likes to watch something different. The new feature focuses on just that! Televio is full of interesting and diverse content for the whole family, from the elderly to adults, teenagers and children. You can find various genres of films, series or entertainment programs in one place. Viewers can add their favorite channels and voluntarily modify their order thanks to separate viewing profiles. Additionally, everyone can stay up to date with the content they are watching. In the proposals Keep watching individual recommendations of paused broadcasts are available, which can be resumed at any time.

Televio lets you manage your accounts the way you want. Users can enter unique profile names, set their preferred app language, and change icon colors.

Parental control

The new feature is also an improved parental control. Special children’s profiles block content for people over 18, so that the youngest will not see programs and channels intended for adult viewers.

How it works? If you select this option when creating your profile, you will only find children’s channels in your list of favourite channels. Available stations can be changed in user account settings.

With options Viewing profiles the feature can only be used in web browsers and on mobile devices, but next year it will also be available on Smart TVs.

What are the other advantages of Televio?

The platform offers many more modern solutions. The service allows you to stop and also start from the beginning most of the programs broadcast in real time, even if they are already in the middle of transmission. Viewers can rewind selected channels for up to 7 days, as well as record broadcasts directly in the app. Up to 120 hours are available for personal recordings. The service has an intuitive TV Program (EPG) and a Featured section with recommended movies and series.

It is worth noting that the platform operates on many devices in Poland and throughout the European Union. Televio supports most models of Smart TVs (e.g. LG, SONY, PHILIPS) and set top boxes (Apple TV and Android TV). The service can be used on mobile devices (Android and iOS) as well as on computers and laptops (web browsers, e.g. Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge).

There are three basic packages to choose from – BASIC, FAMILY, PREMIUM. Noteworthy is the FAMILY package, which you can try for the first month for 1 PLN. And what the service offers? More than 90 channels in different themes! Many general interest stations are available (e.g. TVP1, TVP2, Polsat, TVN), movies (e.g. FIlmBox, FOX, AXN), popular science (e.g. BBC Earth, National Geographic), children’s channels (e.g. Disney Channel, BBC CBeebies) and many others.

Try out all the features of Televio’s modern Internet TV and watch your favorite shows wherever you are! Buy FAMILY package for just 1 PLN for the first month and enjoy 84 channels!

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