Solve the puzzle and fall in love – Tinder’s promotional campaign.

Solve the puzzle and fall in love – Tinder promotional campaign

Tinder’s Swipe Night is a miniseries that allows you to make decisions as you go along that affect the ending of the storyline. The second season of this interesting event has just launched. This time, in addition to matchmaking, users can solve a dot puzzle. murders.

The seventh of November saw the launch of the second edition of Tinder’s interactive series. Swipe Night was nominated for an Emmy Award. The series consists of three episodes, aired at the same time every week. You can see the application of Cialdini’s rule of unavailability here, as people who have not seen the first episode will not be able to participate in the next ones, which increases the desire to participate and the anticipation for the next season.

Interactive content

The series is personalized. This means that at key moments, the viewer himself decides on the course of the plot by choosing one of the two available behavioral options, or by collecting information about people or objects that he can select. At the end of the episode, we pick a hero who we think is responsible for all the fuss.

A similar solution can be found on the Netflix platform in the very popular movie of the even more mainstream series Black Mirror, or the title – Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. In it, we also had the opportunity to choose, although the message of the film seemed to be that even having a choice we have no influence on the plot, which reflected the illusion of the possibilities of technological solutions, which is roughly what the whole series is about.

Tinder and chill

Prior to the airing of each episode, Tinder sends out an opt-in notification, and after the airing of each episode, the choices that participants made during the event are added to their profile. The intention of the creators is to generate a willingness to discuss among potential matches what made them choose and what solutions they see for the storyline puzzle. Of course, for the secretive tinderers, there is an option to hide these properties so that others can only guess if the person even attended the event.

Choices cannot be changed, and an episode can only be watched once, so Tinder encourages you to think about your choices, although it perversely only gives you seven seconds to do so.

Promotional action?

In our opinion, yes! What’s more, very interesting and engaging. Users curious about the content of the series are forced to install the app. In a situation where the series will appeal to the audience, or they will get to know interesting personalities through it, it will greatly affect their loyalty to the service and positive thinking about its image.

From an advertising point of view, it is much more interesting than another pop up or YouTube video. Besides, it engaged users in content on the principles of the application itself. When it comes to content marketing, Tinder has done its homework with an A-plus!

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