Prestashop Hosting

Online stores are popular with customers who love online shopping. Nowadays many of them can’t imagine not being able to shop online and choose only this option. The e-commerce market, as well as online payments, is growing extremely rapidly. That is why it is so important for entrepreneurs to make their goods and services available online. Opening an online store is not difficult at all. Prestashop software is helpful for this. The right hosting under Prestashop will ensure a smooth and fast running store. If you want to know more about it, check out the information below.

1. What is a Prestashop store?

2. Prestashop store – benefits

3. Prestashop hosting

4. Is it worth it to start an online store?

What is a Prestashop store?

Prestashop is one of the most popular scripts, designed for running an online store. It is characterized by a strong community and many plugins that are responsible for additional functionality. Many store owners appreciate this software for the fact that it gives a lot of possibilities and also allows to modify the tools in a simple and intuitive way. Prestashop is a free way to open an efficient online store. This software allows you to create a full-fledged, fully functional online store. When opening an online store, it is also important to have a good hosting, which is responsible for the speed of the store. Smooth operation of your store directly affects customer satisfaction and his purchase decisions, so choose a hosting that provides constant, smooth availability of the service. That’s why choosing hosting is such an important thing.

Prestashop store – advantages

What are the advantages of having a store based on Prestashop software? First of all, the system itself is very intuitive and has a clear, easy to use administration panel. It is important especially for those who plan to open their first online store. Prestashop in Poland has a dedicated community, you can easily find specialized forums with advice. There is also technical support available, offered in Polish. Making modifications in the system is not difficult, you can handle it yourself or easily find a programmer who knows the software and will make the necessary modifications. Prestashop has many built-in functionalities. Most additional options are free – you can install them as needed. Prestashop software is also appreciated for its high performance. The built-in indexation system is responsible for it. If you add to it fast hosting, you will get a perfectly functioning online store.

Prestashop hosting

The right hosting package is responsible for the speed of operation of the website with the online store. Wondering how to choose a web hosting? It is worth choosing a company which offers Prestashop hosting together with a complex migration of the store and the mailbox. If it is taken care of by competent administrators, you will not even notice a break in the website’s operation. It is important that the hosting company provides technical support. What else to pay attention to when choosing a web hosting? The location of the servers is crucial. Only using the best Polish and foreign operators along with maintaining access to traffic exchange points guarantees stable and good quality connection with low server access time. Good hosting for Prestashop helps optimize store performance. This is noticeable both from the customers’ side and from the side of the store’s service. One option worth keeping in mind is shared hosting. It consists in bringing together several users who use one service server. However, dedicated, individual hosting gives incomparably more possibilities. Above all, you don’t have to limit yourself only to Prestashop. You can also install other CMS or PHP scripts, connect other websites and domains which are not your online store. Thanks to that, you can have one domain with Prestashop store and another with a blog, company website or a landing page.

Is it worth starting an online store??

You are wondering if it is worth to launch an online store? Definitely yes! By choosing Prestashop software you can count on a simple, intuitive system that will provide a solid foundation for your store. It is also worth remembering to choose a good hosting, which has reliable and stable servers. E-commerce industry is one of the fastest growing industries. In 2020 as many as 73% of Internet users will shop on the Internet and this number is constantly growing. An online store can be set up at a low cost and time using ready-made Prestashop software. This system is used not only by small and medium enterprises, which are just starting their adventure with commerce. Prestashop is also used by well-known companies that have large e-commerce budgets, but still choose this software.

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