Online shopping will replace in-store shopping Not yet.

Online shopping will replace stationary shopping? Not yet.

Hey let’s go shopping together? – This question is asked less and less often. Pandemic has forever changed the balance of power in commerce, online shopping has gained at the expense of traditional methods of purchasing goods. But not strong enough to dominate stationary sales, at least not yet this year.

To relax, to improve our mood or to change our image – the reasons why we love shopping are many. – Research suggests that shopping has great psychological and therapeutic value, if done in moderation of course – says clinical psychologist Scott Bea in an interview with Health Essentials and adds: – Whether you add products to your cart online or visit your favorite boutique for a few hours, you get a psychological and emotional boost. But we need to be careful that it doesn’t get out of hand – warns doctor.

Shopping has become an indispensable part of our lives, but how we do it, with whom and where, has changed dramatically in the last two years. E-commerce has gained ground on in-store shopping, but still hasn’t beaten it and… certainly won’t do so in 2022.

Stationary stores still going strong

According to the report The State of Retail and E-Commerce, conducted by research company Morning Consult on a group of 8208 adults in the United States, Australia, China, France, Germany, Mexico and the United Kingdom, an average of nearly 46 percent of. respondents prefer shopping in a stationary store. The group of e-commerce enthusiasts is much less numerous, with only 26% of respondents preferring to shop in-store. asked prefer to use this form of. The remaining respondents are people who do not care where and how they buy.

In-store shopping won in all countries surveyed except China. – Retailers around the world may be looking to the Middle Kingdom to see what the future of technology in retail will look like. But retail leaders need to remember that Chinese consumers are much more advanced when it comes to adopting personal technology. The widespread use of super apps (one program replacing many different apps) has also helped accelerate the growth of e-commerce in China – notes Wojciech Kyciak, CEO of Bezokularow.en S.A., one of whose brands is – an authorized online eyewear retailer using new technologies that allow you to try on frames and check their fit to your face using a camera and artificial intelligence capabilities.

The pandemic has changed our habits, but did it discourage us from shoplifting?? Not necessarily. When asked if they would feel comfortable going to the mall now, respondents overwhelmingly (71 percent.) responded that, despite recent events, they would not fear for their health.

The impact of the pandemic on consumer preferences is undeniable. There have been a number of studies that suggest the events of recent years have taken us into the purchasing future. If not for the global lockdown, this transformation would not have been so dynamic – Wojciech Kyciak, CEO of, of which one of the brands is and adds: – 2022 will be a time of stabilization and return to the pre-pandemic pace. This does not mean that it will be a weak year, again we can expect record-breaking online sales. Physical retailers experienced a brutal awakening during the pandemic and were forced to accelerate their investments in digital technology at a time when in-store sales were decimated – Kyciak points out.

Adobe predicts that this year’s online sales will increase by nearly 13 percent in the U.S. alone. compared to 2021 and will reach a value of approximately USD 1 trillion.

Virtual shopping frenzy

Only one in four Morning Consult survey respondents do not shop online at all. The group of people who choose to shop online at least once a month proved to be the most numerous (30 percent.). Interestingly, 16 percent of. does so even several times a week.

E-commerce is creating the opportunities an innovative company needs to take advantage of. So in your business and career, ask yourself how can I take advantage of the changes that are happening in the retail industry around the world? E-commerce will continue to grow and will become a larger part of the entire retail industry, there is no time to delay. Today, if you are not in the network, you do not exist Wojciech Kyciak of the online optical store wOkularach.en.

With the growing purchasing power of global consumers, the proliferation of social media users, and ever-evolving infrastructure and technology, the future of e-commerce in 2022 and beyond is more dynamic than ever.

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