One billion new social media users! Digital 2021 Report Hootsuite.

One Billion New Social Media Users! – Digital 2021 Report Hootsuite

There is more and more data, and we are faced with the disturbing fact that more and more time is being spent online. The Hootsuite report proves that we spend comparably as much time online as we sleep. However, the report is a positive chant for e-commerce and social networking markets, which will continue their upward trend.

According to Hootsuite, in a report Digital 2021 Report, nearly 60 percent of. The global community is now embracing digital technology. This trend intensified in the wake of a pandemic that forced people, corporations, and governments alike. Digital adoption has occurred with incredible momentum, with up to 4.66 billion people using the internet today. The average result of an international Smith – although perhaps we should use the name Schmidt or Smith to better reflect the scale – is spending almost 7 hours a day online! Compared to the previous year, this result increased by 9 percent! Interesting and scary information at the same time. Hootsuite concludes against this that we may be welded to digital devices at 40 percent. the duration of our lives.

Over one billion new social media users in three years!

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the digital age is undoubtedly the channels known as social media. Hootsuite estimates that the number of social media users has increased by more than 13% over the past year. In terms of society, this adds up to just under 4.2 billion people. Since 2017, the growth of new users has been calculated at over 1 billion. Researchers have described this growth as dramatic, though it doesn’t seem that way at all for marketing. In the face of such a powerful market, the position of marketers in the industry is once again growing, and they will be able to translate these numbers into profits for the company. This is followed by the need for increased spending on social media activities. Those in a few months last year, from February 2020 to June 2020, grew by almost 74 percent!

Marketing chiefs predicted that investment in social media will remain high at 23.4 percent through the end of 2021.

Baby Boomers – an unwanted legacy!

As Jakub Bojakowski once wrote on the pages of Wprost – It’s possible that we all are or were boomers. The term was coined by millennial youth and although it refers to hypocrisy, impertinence and ignorance, it is generally addressed to the older generation. This generation even has its own charming name in the biblion of marketers, namely baby boomers.

The Encyclopedia of Management provides a broader definition of this demographic. Baby boomers are those born between 1946 and 1964 in the post-war era. They are characterized by a desire for stability and improved social relations, as well as a sense of security, because they were raised by people affected by conflicts. They are characterized by an optimistic view of the world, independence and commitment, but also an interest in global issues. They had as their goal in life to start a family, find a well-paying job, and live in society like a big machine of relationships and relations. Unfortunately, this generation is being overlooked by digital marketers.

Hootsuite believes this is wrong, as you can see its continued growth in social media This is particularly evident in the wake of last year’s events, in which the elderly, supposedly the most at-risk, made an impetuous foray into social media. This is now the fastest growing segment of this market, led by women aged 55-64. They publish an average of 10 posts per month. Their engagement is high both on Facebook and on Instagram. Researchers therefore suggest CMOs start researching these audiences to better identify and reach their needs, which can ultimately help marketing budgets.

Most used platforms in the world

Facebook is still in first place, followed by YouTube and WhatsApp. In fourth place is Messenger. The proud Instagram service holds the fifth place, while the sixth and seventh places belong to the Chinese – WeChat and TikTok.

Hootsuite shows the power of Instagram by cleverly directing our attention to the use of the hashtag #love. In an instant, two billion users used #love to tag their posts!

Although TikTok triumphed, in the end it did not manage to knock its older brothers off the throne. This is good news for marketers who haven’t managed to get used to it yet. Also good news is a study that found that nearly every user of a given site has an account on another social media outlet, which for companies could mean the ability to reach potentially every user when the right communication strategy is employed.

Social Media as a Source of Branding!

More than 44 percent. Internet users search for products on social media. The report claims this number is even higher among GenZ users, who say they are more likely to search and check out brands. So it turns out social channels have become an important stage in customer loyalty shoppers. Especially when it comes to younger generations. – Brands that want to win over shoppers will need to turn product reviews, comments and videos into inspiring social experiences – Hootsuite researchers say.

Everyday shopping – increasingly online

In addition to social media, the e-commerce market could also count on special consideration in the current environment. We’re not just talking about the electronics, beauty or fitness industries, as users are increasingly grocery shopping with digital tools. These have grown by 40 percent. This total is of course due to lockdowns, limited mobility and fear. Many have developed a habit of buying this way, which is expected to continue even as Covid-19 ends.

Data made public by a growing number of technology players leads us to believe that it is very possible that soon almost all of our life activities will be shifted to the digital zone. Is it good or is it bad? – Mobile Trends service leaves the reader to judge. The editorial staff will follow the further development of digitalisation with interest.

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