In the metaverse, we can reel from the pain

In the metaverse we can reel from pain?

There is no internet without extreme emotions. This is known to anyone who occasionally glances at the comments
written on the Internet, and our emotions are conquered by entertainment based on
gamification. However, this strictly physical pain on the Internet we were not supposed to experience. It’s

However, this may change, because one of the technological giants is working on
technology that allows them to have real experiences, including those related to

Bartosz Bilicki- CEO of Smartverum

The idea is quite surreal, because after all we move to the net very often in order to,
to soothe their pain, for better or worse. So why supported by Sony
Japanese start-up H2L Technologies is working on creating real-life experiences
related to pain in the virtual world of the metaverse?

Pain will improve our lives?

Let’s start with what pain actually is. Acute pain is produced when the receptors are irritated
The metaverse is a meta-stimulus of sufficiently high intensity, which is converted into an electrical impulse-
The chemical energy is transported by nerves to the spinal cord and from there to the brain.
A healthy body produces many natural obstacles to stop pain e.g.
thanks to endorphins. However, it should also be clearly stated – feeling pain is not always bad and
it has an important warning function. If only in the trivial example of hot water. When
we feel pain, we immediately remove our hand, and if it were not for it we would not hesitate to immerse
fully under boiling water and exposed themselves to massive burns.
– The idea of recreating pain in the virtual world – the metaverse – can indeed come as a shock.
However, when we take a closer look, we see much more upside. Pain is such a
the experience that is easiest to stimulate and induce artificially. However, it works on a similar
rules what e.g. touch. There are people, and they are not few, who through their health problems do not
can feel even the touch of another person, a beloved pet, because the receptors in their bodies are destroyed. Creating real-world experiences in the metaverse can life such people
to rise to a higher and better level – explains Bartosz Bilicki, from the startup SmartVerum, which
tokenizes art and creates an “artistic” metaverse.

The idea for a special wristband did not come about by accident. Emi Tamaki,
H2L Technologies CEO, came up with the idea for the technology when as
a teenage girl survived clinical death. Today, she suffers from a heart condition that greatly hinders her
daily functioning – her body has too few muscles and every time she leaves the house, it’s like
a trip to the other side of the world.

So Tamaki came up with the concept of combining her physical experiences with
computers. The armband aims to enable users to move in a virtual world
world, but feeling sensations such as pain and the weight of objects. It works by
electrical stimulation of your arm muscles. The creators of the technology ensure that
the user is able to feel sensations such as a squeezing of the skin or a weight in the hands.

– So we can see that the idea of the metaverse is not just a way to create a world in which
we will have an even better experience playing games or meeting friends. It’s not just
a way to participate in culture while staying in your apartment all the time. It’s not just
the opportunity to invest in NFTs and other virtual currencies. It’s a chance for those in the real
Worlds don’t feel much stimulus to dive deeper into the metaverse and
feel what is not possible in everyday life – comments Bartosz Bilicki from SmartVerum.
What’s more, the band’s creator wants her technology to fully enable by 2029
feel not only pain or touch, but also stimulate other receptors. Though those that in
is fully responsible for experiencing happiness.

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