How to enter the world of games and programming

How to enter the world of games and programming?

The value of the game industry in the world last year amounted to over 172 billion dollars, and in the year 2027 will exceed 314 billion dollars. For comparison, according to the report “The Game Industry in Poland 2021”, revenue growth in this sector in Poland, year on year, remains at nearly 30 percent. And what is more, in 2020, domestic game developers generated revenue worth nearly 1 billion euros. In connection with such a dynamic development of the gaming industry, also in Poland, specialists responsible for their creation are sought after, including primarily programmers. Those with knowledge of the most popular programming languages in gamedev, i.e. game development, in this Swift and Java, in January 2022 they could expect to earn even about 21 thousand PLN. PLN net.

The most popular technologies used to create games

The last few years have seen dynamic development and growth in the value of the games industry worldwide. It employs specialists in many fields, dealing with Designing, sound engineering, scripting, but above all programming. Juris Krikis – an expert from the Swedish company Evolution – lists the technologies most commonly used for their programming and suggests which ones are worth starting your adventure in this industry.

– One of the most popular programming languages used to program games for various platforms is C++. However, due to its specificity, it is much easier to learn it if you already know another technology. Hence, for beginners wishing to enter the industry, the best solution will be C#, JavaScript and Java – versatile, popular, enabling easy writing, debugging and compilation of code. In the case of games for mobile devices only, Swift and Android are the most popular. Those who can boast of knowledge of any of these technologies, can confidently try their hand at creating games using engines such as. Unity or the Unreal we use says Juris Krikis, Manager of Scala and JavaScript Department at Evolution. – At Evolution, we focus on JavaScript/Typescript and Scala, which runs on a Java virtual machine and is fully compatible with it. Its great advantage is conciseness, which ultimately translates into both easier code writing, better readability, and easy maintenance.

Programming languages used in gaming and salaries

And which of these technologies are best paid? According to data for January 2022 from the portal No Fluff Jobs, in first place was Java. The median of the upper and lower net salary ranges + VAT for those familiar with the technology, in the case of a B2B contract was 16-21.8 thousand. The gross pay is between PLN 12,000 and 17,500 per month, while the gross pay for employment contracts is between PLN 12,000 and 17,500 per month. PLN. In second place came Swift with salaries in the range of 15-21 thousand. PLN 13-17 thousand for B2B and 13-17 thousand. We have a lot of experience in the field of Scala and JavaScript, and Java – versatile, popular, enabling easy writing, debugging, and compiling code. It is very popular in countries in Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, to pay the equivalent of PLN 12.5-19.3 thousand for B2B and PLN 12.5-19.3 thousand for B2C. PLN on an employment contract. Android specialists could count on salaries in the range of 14.3-20 thousand. PLN 12.2-17 thousand in B2B. The salaries of those working in C++ are slightly lower – between PLN 14,000 and PLN 20,000. for B2B and 12-17 thousand. PLN on an employment contract. In the case of JavaScript, on the other hand, they were in the range of 13-18.9 thousand. PLN 12-17 thousand for B2B. on an employment contract.

– The gaming industry, including online, is constantly growing, evolving, merging with other technologies, such as. VR, providing a new dimension of entertainment. Being a part of it is truly fascinating and gives great satisfaction – says Juris Kirkis, Scala and JavaScript Department Manager at Evolution. – The online sphere itself has recently become closer to people than ever before – we already have more than 5 billion internet users worldwide. As a result, the entertainment industry, already worth $183 billion and estimated to be worth up to $652.5 billion in 2027, has also moved into it. This shows how huge its scale is and how its importance is growing.

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