Another increase in job offers – NFJ reports.

Another increase in job openings – NFJ reports.

Demand for the services of IT professionals, including those occupying non-programmer positions, year after year, is getting bigger, as confirmed by data from No Fluff Jobs. The portal will decideQ1 2022 in the industry compared to the same period last year. And as his analysis shows, in the case of job offers, the increase was significant and amounted to over 47 percent. What’s more, employees could count on higher salaries. The top median salary, for B2B contracts was 21k. PLN 2 thousand net + VAT. This is by 12 percent. more than in the first quarter of the previous year.

Earnings up

As forecasts Gartner, Global spending on IT services this year will reach nearly 4.5 billion dollars. And thus, compared to 2021, they will be higher by slightly more than 5 percent. According to No Fluff Jobs, this is already reflected not only in more job openings for IT professionals (compared to the first three months of 2021 with the same period in 2022), but also in the salaries offered to them.

According to the portal, the median pay ranges in the first quarter of this year for B2B amounted to 15-21 thousand. net + VAT (PLN 13.4-18.4 net + VAT in 2021). This means that the lower range in comparison to the previous year was higher by 10%., while the top one – by 12 percent. In turn, those who opted for employment based on an employment contract, could count on wages between 10.7 and 17 thousand PLN. gross PLN. In this case, the lower forks were higher by more than 6%., and the upper – by almost 12%.

At No Fluff Jobs we have been publishing salary reports in the IT industry for 3 years. And year after year we observe growth both in salaries and in the number of job offers. Companies are still fighting for the best talent, while the staffing gap is widening. The IT market therefore favors male and female specialists in this sectorsays Tomasz Bujok, CEO of No Fluff Jobs.

Non-programmer positions in IT. Increased popularity and higher salaries

The IT industry is constantly evolving and needs specialists with multiple competencies. Positions, which a few years ago did not enjoy such high popularity, have recently gained in importance in the industry, including in the construction Project and Product Management. Median lower and upper salary ranges for the first category, in 2021 oscillated between 14-18.6 thousand. Net (+VAT) on B2B and 11-15.2 thousand PLN. Gross salary on an employment contract. In Q1 2022 it was already 14.1-20 thousand. The average net salary in B2B and 11.3-17.1 thousand zlotys (+VAT) in IT. PLN gross on an employment contract.

The growing popularity of specializations not related to programming is noticeable. The first quarter of 2022 in terms of increased earnings belonged to Project and Product Managers and Managers, who could count on the spread reaching the mythical IT 20 thousand PLN. PLN. A year ago, the median upper salary range for these categories oscillated between 15 and 18 thousand PLN. PLN. The growth is therefore considerable. The median of the upper range of salaries in the case of B2B contracts has risen by just over PLN 2 thousand. PLN net + VATsays Tomasz Bujok, CEO of No Fluff Jobs.

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